Make more of your office

We will take you towards smarter offices where more can be made of your location. This results in more productive workdays and more satisfied employees.

We are Taitori

Combining people and spaces

We act where people meet. We produce new kinds of solutions for easier management and booking of premises and for smoother reporting. Our objective is that people always have just the right amount of space for various encounters.

We understand people’s changing needs and use technology to improve every encounter. A modern location can be adjusted to employees’ needs and learns from the premises’ utilization rates when it is a good time for a meeting. Premises are easily booked anytime and anywhere.


Easy booking of premises for meetings or for work. Clicking a button or an app is all you need to do.

TAITORI Catering Order

To order catering for a meeting has hardly ever been this easy. Make your orders directly when you make a booking via your calendar.

TAITORI Info screen

Gather and distribute all the essential information related to the everyday activities of your workstation on all screens.

Visitor management

You can book premises, order catering, and automatically send instructions to visitors for arrival.

Our customers recommend

Move your locations to this decade

We help our customers to make better use of their locations. Taitori Reserve enables meeting room management and displays their booking status in real time both on various end-user devices and in the meeting room door managers. Users can easily book spaces on the go and are able to make even short-time bookings with the Book button.

With the Book button, you can book premises from the outside of the door with a single click. The button sends the booking details over the WLAN network to the Taitori cloud service and from there to the company’s own calendar system for example. The clock-like LED lights indicate if the premises are free or occupied and when they become available. You can also monitor use of premises and move towards smart property management.