Summary screen and dashboard views

The Taitori Info Display is a browser-based situation snapshot that can be brought on the lobby screens or in the intranet for instance. The information on screen is managed with a browser via the management portal. The settings, colours, and fonts for example can be selected in this service.

The Info screen service often complements the Taitori Reserve service by indicating, in list form or on an interactive floor map, where meeting rooms are currently free or soon become available for instance.

The following contents are examples of what can be produced for the dashboard view:

  • The booking status of the premises in list form or as entries in an interactive floor map
  • Third-party data sources and files
  • Timed releases
  • A calendar
  • Weather reports
  • Namedays

A notice board in the web

The Taitori Info screen takes the traditional notice board into the digital world. The channel enables effective distribution of important information throughout the organization as well as to customers.

Centralized management

Thanks to the centralized service and the clever user interface, all contents and releases can be managed on computer terminals as well as on mobile devices.

Instant usability

The Info display is easy, simple, and fast to put to use via the management user interface.

The Taitori Info screen

You can benefit from our lobby screens for instance to display the locations of meeting or action facilities.

Additionally, current information releases or the time of day for instance can be shown.

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