Booking meeting rooms

Do you know what the utilization rate of the meeting rooms and workstations at your office is? For how many hours a day are your locations booked but stand empty? Or do your employees have a tough time with difficult booking systems?

We help our customers to make better use of their locations. Taitori Reserve enables meeting room management and displays booking status in real time both on various end-user devices and in the meeting room door managers. Users can easily book premises on the go for example and are able to make even short-time bookings with the Book button.

Of course, you can also book with our server-based user interface that works on all devices.

Outlook Addin

You can also book premises and reserve catering directly from your Outlook calendar by installing the Taitori button there.

The meeting assistant

The Taitori virtual meeting assistant informs about the end of a booking for instance ten minutes before the time runs out. If the meeting is still far from being adjourned, the assistant lets you know whether you can still stay in the premises or where space is available to continue the meeting in. The assistant is automatically included in the door manager equipment.