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Ricoh is a world-wide technology company specialized in office and production printout services, document management, and communication services. Ricoh has revolutionized people’s work methods for over 80 years already and provides its customers with smart solutions to ease everyday routines.


The Fennia group moved in the spring of 2017 its head office to the new location in the Pasila area of Helsinki. The premises had been renovated to meet the group’s needs. At the same time, Fennia’s entire system for booking premises was overhauled in co-operation with the smart office solution provider Taitori. Thanks to the new services people, premises, and catering find each other in a single system.


The splendid head office built by SRV for themselves is located in the Derby Business Park in Espoo. Taitori delivers to SRV an entire smart office system combining various smart devices, IoT sensors, mobility, and integrations into various background systems for smart management based on data gathered from the property.


At FIRA, the work spaces and a functional work environment have been successfully harnessed to support work which, as is natural in the construction business, takes place not only at the office but also in the field at sites.


Taitori Display door managers were put to use in the Jukurit team’s home stadium from which the booking status of the boxes is immediately seen. Premises can now be booked with ease over the web and an up-to-date booking situation is there for everybody to use. Changing ads on the Display screens have also been sold to the enterprises in the region to be seen by every visitor using the premises. The ice stadium features a total of 11 boxes available for booking.


Taitori provided Kaslink with smart door managers to enhance use of Kaslink’s meeting rooms by bringing information on the rooms’ booking status as well as by easing and speeding up the booking process. Thanks to the data gathered in the Taitori Reserve cloud service and to the reports created on their basis Kaslink is, from their part, able to monitor the booking rates of the premises and the quality of the negotiations for example.

Vaasa Parks


Ylä-Savon SOTE

In the first phase, Taitori fits the health centre of Iisalmi with the Taitori Reserve service for centralized booking and managing of consultation rooms.

Premises can be booked by a doctor or by other staff members to consult on a computer or a mobile device when they are looking for and booking premises equipped to suit their duties. The system will be used for both dental care and reception services.


Taitori provided Futra with workstation sensors that book and free Futra’s workstations automatically based on whether an IoT sensor detects a human being at the workstation or not. The sensors were integrated into the electrically adjustable desks that Futra also delivers to its own customers.